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Activewear & Fitness Collection Launches

Rewired Launch Activewear and Fitness Collection 

A new era is upon us. A new direction. Today we are launching our Activewear & Fitness Collection. This is more than clothing. More than a logo. This is a new journey, an undivided commitment to self improvement. As a brand we want to help people unlock their full potential. It really is You V You. The whole Rewired family is on a collaborative journey to living our best lives! The Activewear collection will feature two sections,  Perform & Workout. Who knew working hard could feel this comfortable?

What is Perform? 

Whether it’s dawn or dusk, the track or the pavement, make sure you stay comfortable wherever you run with the Rewired Perform collection. These pieces are centred around quality of movement and maximising running potential. 

The collection features our own developed 4:2 fabric, a stretched lightweight fabric designed for unrestricted movement. All items within the collection boast a breathable stretch mesh structure featured on the chest, arms and side of all the styles. We have put in the hours to deliver garments that will accentuate your running and movement experience. The Perform collection makes working hard feel comfortable. 

Product One: Perform T-Shirt 

Who else’s draw is full up of tops they never want to run in. Too big, too small, too thick or too thin, too tight or too loose. Trust us the Rewired Perform Tee will always find its way to the top of the pile. Featuring our very own 4:2 fabric, a stretched lightweight designed to aid unrestrictive movement. This T-Shirt will help you move at your full potential. Please don’t ever settle for not quite right again. 

Product Two: Perform Shorts 

The Perform shorts feature a lightweight absorbent fabric and a stretch mesh helping you with unrestrictive motion and a focused range of movement. The shorts also feature breathable mesh panels so your steps stay springy and your legs stay fresh. They definitely make working hard feel comfortable. 

Product Three: Quarter Zips 

Whether you're training for a marathon at peak performance or building up to your first 5k, you want to feel comfortable and ready for war whilst performing. The Rewired Quarter Zip has been strategically engineered with our manufacturing partner to ensure you feel and move at your best throughout your running experience. 


What is Workout? 

 The workout collection is for  lifters on a mission of self improvement. These products are built to last through every maximum lift and personal best effort. When you are in the gym focused on compound movements, the last thing you want are distractions or obstructions. Detailed down to the final cut, these products are tailored to give you a liberating lifting experience. 

All of the products have a durable and adaptive cotton/elastic blend to allow you to get the best of your sessions. The workout collection will give you the support you need to smash every rep, set and workout. 

Product One: Drop Arm Vest 

Lift heavier when feeling lighter in the new Drop Arm Vest. This product has a physique-accentuating fit and is developed with soft stretch fabric. The tailored cut simplifies the lifting process and allows you to push boundaries. You’ll have one weight session in this vest and never look back. 

Product Two: Workout Tee 

This gym is an arena that demands coordination, power and strength. We’ve developed a Workout Tee to allow this to be achieved. The Workout Tee  is made from a robust loopback cotton designed to keep you cool when exerting at maximum effort. 

Product Three: Workout Shorts

Made from robust cotton and featuring adjustable waistband support. The Workout Shorts are designed to help on your mission to master compound movements. Also, the shorts are slightly shortened to expose your lower quad and give an accentuated range of movement when lifting. 

Product Four: Workout Sleeveless Vest 

It doesn’t matter if you're finding your feet in the gym or you're the top don of the weight room. We all want the same thing right?. To lift in clothes we like. The Sleeveless Vest allows a full range of movement whilst lifting. Helps you feel comfort whilst uncomfortable, the cotton/elastic fabric also enables unlimited movement and exertion. 

Product Five: Workout Tracksuit 

The new Men’s Workout Tracksuit  is an essential component of the gym experience. It will help you feel comfortable on the workout commute and turn up to any gym in style.  Constructed and crafted using a soft touch polyester and cotton fabric, we’ve designed the perfect gym tracksuit.