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Get Ready For Autumn’s Hottest Trends | Rewired

This may shock you, but it’s finally September! This year’s been a bit of a funny one hasn’t it, it feels like we’ve not really had a summer, but it also feels like it’s been about 30 months since the start of the lockdown in the UK doesn’t it? As it goes, none of us really know what day it is, or even what time it is at the moment. 

Our research team have however looked into it and can confirm that it is indeed September and we’re now creeping into the autumn months, which can only mean one thing… it’s time to shape up your winter wardrobe!

We love winter and can’t get enough of crafting our favourite winter wardrobe looks. Shorts and tee’s are great, but winter really allows you to pick and choose your favourite garments to make sure you’re always looking at the top of your game. It starts with a hat, a nice t-shirt, a good jacket, decent jeans and then a pair of your favourite chunky trainers.

Or, perhaps your winter attire is a little more laid back, with tracksuits as your go to for the colder months? 

The Best Menswear this Autumn | Rewired

Autumn/Winter 2020 is going to see the return of the hoodie. A regular favourite at Rewired HQ, hoodies always ensure comfort when you need it most. A good hoodie should keep you warm, keep you looking tidy and should also be super comfortable. Whether you’re into the baggy look, or want something more refined, there’s loads of hoodie designs available across the board to ensure that your winter wardrobe really is at the top of its game.

If sweatshirts are more your thing, then look no further than the Rewired Men’s Sweats collection.

Tracksuits are set to make a comeback this winter, swapping out the sporty summer tracksuit designs for something a little warmer, we’re all about those thick, cosy and comfortable cotton tracksuits at the moment.

Check out our full tracksuit range now and perfect your winter wardrobe in time for the colder months!