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Here’s why 2021 is set to be the New Summer of Love | Rewired Clothing

Let’s face it, 2021 hasn’t got very big boots to fill from the car crash that has been 2020. More specifically, the summer of 2020. Okay so last summer wasn’t a complete write off, we did manage to do some fun things, a few of us even snuck in a quick holiday abroad, but the entire period just seemed to be a little grey, didn’t it? Once the buzz of working from home and having beers and a BBQ in the garden every night faded away, we got left with a very pessimistic outlook.

That’s why, summer 2020 was a big of a write off. 2021 though, that’s a different story, here’s everything we’re looking forward to over the next few months:

Brand new clothing drops! You might have seen that we’ve topped up our stock with a little spring collection and a few reprints - the summer however has something much bigger in the pipeline, a huge new drop which is absolutely going to blow your socks off. New garments suited to our new lifestyles (now that we’re allowed out again). 

We also can’t forget that 2021 really promises to be the summer of sport. Last year, we had none, this year though we’re blessed with the Euros and the Olympics. It’s almost 2 straight months of live sports coverage and we can’t wait. When England play in any international tournament, there’s always a huge buzz about the streets, we don’t think the Euros this year will be any different - UEFA are even looking at having fans back in the stadiums, though as it stands nothing is set in stone just yet. 

Perhaps most importantly though, we’re all set ready for the return of our guilty pleasure, Love Island. Love Island returns to the villa in summer 2021 for what promises to be the biggest and best series yet, jam packed with twists, turns, romances, break-ups and that sense of optimism we all get from watching these little love stories unfold. 

Summer 2021? Yep, we’re ready for you!