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More on the Notorious B.I.G | Rewired Clothing

Check out our recent post about Biggie to get the low down on the life of a true hip hop pioneer.

Notorious B.I.G, or Christopher Wallace, in life and death has been hailed as a musical pioneer. Not only was he instrumental in the creation of commercial hip hop music, his sounds, flows and melodies have gone on to inspire musical creators for decades in the wake of his death. That’s why in 2020, Biggie was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. in 2006, MTV even ranked Biggie as the third greatest MC of all time, calling him the most skillful MC on the mic during the time. 

Even in death, Biggie had two posthumous albums released, following on from his debut album in 1994 titled Ready to Die, which features some of Biggie’s most well known tunes, like Juicy and Big Poppa. Ready to Die remains a firm favourite within the Rewired office, in fact we’d probably put it in our top 5 albums of all time! 

In the US alone, Biggie has sold over 21 million albums making him not just a figure of the underground hip hop scene, but a pioneer in the movement of hip hop across the globe, this is all down to his unique take on the genre, using melodic and jazzy beats, paired with well written lyrics that Biggie pulls off with his own unique approach and style. 

The Rewired Legends Collection pays homage to the life and death of one of music’s all time greats, the Notorious B.I.G. Launched to help celebrate some of the greatest creators of our time, the legends collection is all about providing quality streetwear that makes a statement, something that Biggie was indeed passionate about. His drive to succeed, lined up with his drive to look good and dress in clothing that helped him to assert his sheer dominance on the streets.