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Rewired Headwear Christmas Guide

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a new hat, would it? There’s nothing better than unwrapping a fresh new cap on Christmas day to compliment that Christmas jumper you’re wearing - or a nice new beanie to keep your hair in check when you go out on your annual Christmas day dog walk. 

At Rewired it all started with headwear which is why we are putting so much attention on our massive headwear range this Christmas, there’s really something for everyone here, unique styles all crafted by a quality streetwear brand. Our hats look good, feel great, make you feel great and are made to last.

One thing we should mention is that hats and caps are pretty tricky to wrap, so if you’re buying a piece of our awesome headwear for Christmas day, make sure your wrapping skills are up to scratch, or just do what we do and sling it in a box, it’s up to you really!

Rewired Top Christmas Headwear Picks

Christmas usually means one thing - cold weather. Not the beautiful idyllic white Christmases we see in the movies, it’s normally just a typical British winter day - cold enough to wear a wooly hat. That’s where our beanies come in handy:

The Rewired R Beanie is a guaranteed favourite for this festive season, it comes in a range of winter inspired colourways including Pink, Mustard, Burgundy and Khaki. The R Beanie is a simple hat, nice colours and decent fabric designed to keep your head warm and to feel comfortable - a real Christmas favourite. 

Don’t be naughty, be nice with the Rewired Be Nice Distressed Baseball Cap, it’s a navy cap with a rugged and distressed design, featuring the message: ‘Be Nice’. Simple and functional, spreading love the right way this Christmas.

Throwback to where it all began with the Rewired R Trucker, as featured on ITV’s Love Island and as featured on your Christmas list this year (yes, Santa’s told us already). The R Trucker is the perfect hat, capturing the classic Rewired design and presenting it in a range of exciting colours, including the classic Black, a Christmassy Red that even Rudolph (the red nosed Reindeer) would be proud of and the iconic White Tonal colourway.


Shop the full Rewired Headwear collection for top notch Christmas gifts, perfect for filling those stockings and for bringing guaranteed joy to your home this Christmas!