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The Best Streetwear For Your Summer Parties | Rewired

With many of us stuck to partying at home and round out mates this summer, our dress code is becoming more adventurous than ever before. Clubs aren’t open, so why not party in your trainers instead (you know, there’s none of those daft, ‘no trainers in here mate’ rules anymore).

Our streetwear collections have been designed with your comfort, style and appearance in mind, that’s why we believe through our Rewired collections, there’s something for everyone, no matter what parties you’re attending this year.

Pool Parties | Rewired Men’s Streetwear

Heading to a pool party? We’ve got just the thing. Our men’s shorts collection has been created to keep you cool and feeling top. Don the classic Rewired R and don’t be afraid to get wet - no point in going to a pool party if you’re not going for a swim!

At Rewired, we’re most known for our hats, including the Classic R Trucker as featured on ITV’s Love Island. Our Trucker hats are great for those long afternoons in the sun. Sip a cocktail, keep the sun out of your eyes and represent that highly sought after Rewired look.

Weekends Away | Rewired Men’s Streetwear

Streetwear isn’t just about your clothes, it’s about how you accessorise too. Our bags and backpacks are ideal for when your party involves heading out for the weekend. Perhaps you’re going camping and want to relive that festival feeling we’re all craving? Or, maybe you’re off out to meet some mates on the beach - no matter what you’re doing, our Rewired bags will see you right.

Keeping Fit | Rewired Men’s Streetwear

Maybe your sort of party involves keeping fit. Getting together with your mates for an outdoor fitness session is a great way to keep in shape and it’s something we’ve been doing more and more since lockdown. Yeah the gyms are open again, but nothing beats the feeling of a sun soaked workout session in the park. Check out our Rewired tracksuits designed to help you complete your ultimate workout look. Available now in a range of colourways and styles, our tracksuits are perfect for chilling out after getting your pump on.