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The Cabins - ITV’s New Dating Show | Rewired Clothing

Are you missing Love Island yet? We sure are. Thankfully, in all it’s mercy ITV have recently launched their latest dating reality show, it’s called The Cabins and takes a fresh approach to the typical dating programme that we have all grown to love over the last few years. Whether it’s because we’re left to watch relationships blossom that we love to aspire to, we love watching the drama, or, we’re just attracted to the stars of the show, nobody actually knows, either way though, The Cabins is promising to help us lul those cravings, giving us something to really get into over the coming weeks. 

You can catch up with The Cabins on ITV Player - click here.

ITV’s Latest Reality Dating Show

So, what is The Cabins? It’s a dating show with a glossy makeover, set by the tranquil scene of a luxury wood cabin. The fireplace is roaring, and so is the drama. The daters are thrown in at the deep end, forced to love in a cabin together. It’s kind of like moving in together before you’d even met, sounds great, what’s the worst that could happen?

The singletons simply move into a luxurious wood cabin, complete with a hot tub (of course) with their potential new partner, here they are forced to live together, spending every waking second in the company of who is essentially a stranger. The format of the show means these people will get to know each other, very quickly, a scene set for love, fireworks, drama, more love, and probably more fireworks. 

After 24 hours together, the pair can then decide on the next step - they can commit to spending more time together to get to know each other further, or can simply walk away at that point. 

In typical ITV reality show fashion, the singletons on the show each have a unique style and their own story and take on dating and relationships. This makes for a very exciting watch, filled with cringes, awkward silences and of course, lovely moments that we all secretly love to see! If you’re a fan of Love Island, we can promise you you’re going to love The Cabins.

The season started on the 4th of January, so we’re now part way through - don’t let that stop you tuning in though, you can watch previous episodes online, plus with the current lock down in full swing, let’s face it there’s not much else to do anyway.Throw your favourite Rewired tracksuit on, get comfortable and let’s watch this one play out!