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The Perfect Lockdown Valentine’s Night In | Rewired Clothing

Had plans for Valentine’s that have been destroyed by lockdown? We know your pain. Whether you fancied a trip out to your local nightclub for one of those Valentine’s traffic light parties, or you planned a trip away with your significant other, whatever it is you wanted to do this Valentine’s day, you’re probably not going to be able to do it.

Now, you might be fretting, worrying, working out what it is you can actually do - sound familiar? Well, worry not, we’ve got your back, read on for the blueprint for the perfect Valentine’s night in, the Rewired way.

Valentine’s Day with Rewired

Whether you’re lucky enough to live with or bubble with your partner, or if you’re spending this Valentine’s on your own, we’ve got your night sorted. Simply follow our simple steps to make the most of your locked down Valentine’s day.

First of all, you’re going to need some serious binge watching material. Make sure your Netflix, Prime and NOW TV subscriptions are up to date, hit up a few new series early in the day, and prepare yourself for a blockbuster to end the night! If you’re really feeling the love, why not cue in some romantic classics like Hitch?

Next, you should consider your menu for the day - wake up to a delicious home cooked breakfast, or, have a lie in and let a local restaurant or cafe do the work for you. Just because we’re in lockdown, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy food from your favourite eateries. Get Deliveroo loaded up, and get ordering!

For the evening, we’ve seen loads of fantastic restaurants bringing out special date night at home menus, which come complete with everything you need to enjoy some culinary delights this valentines. If you’re really trying to impress, why not cook a big meal from scratch, or do yourself a favour, and pick up a posh ready meal - they are just as good right? 

Finally and of course, most importantly - clothing. It’s probably the only time you’ll get away with knocking around in your loungewear, no need to get dressed up, just chuck on a squirt of your favourite aftershave or perfume, don your favourite Rewired tracksuit and chill out, you deserve it!