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Where are the Love Island Caps from? | Rewired Clothing

If you’re anything like us and are a little bit obsessed with Love Island, then you’ll probably be wondering how to get your hands on one of those notorious Love Island ‘R’ caps. Where exactly are the Love Island caps from and how can I get one?

You’ve come to the right place - Rewired Clothing, the official home of the Love Island R Cap and our gym and activewear range, as seen on this year's series.

This series of Love Island has taken us all by storm. After a year out due to COVID (a pretty terrible year for us all), we’re well and truly fixed to our tv’s every evening to watch this year's love stories play out. So far the series hasn’t disappointed, with more texts, twists and head turns than we can keep track of. This year the lads in the villa can’t get enough of the Rewired headwear selection, which is why we’ve given them such a big bunch of quality caps to choose from, take a look at our official Rewired x Love Island collection, with each cap featuring during this years installment: 

Rewired Tonal R Trucker (Black)

Rewired Tonal R Trucker (White)

Rewired Tonal R Trucker (Grey)

Rewired Tonal R Trucker (Red)

Rewired Classic Baseball (Black)

Rewired Mini R Trucker (Black)

Rewired Mini R Trucker (Blue)

Rewired Mini R Trucker (Orange)

This year, we’ve also supplied the villa with a bunch of luxury workout and chillout products from our brand new WORKOUT and PERFORM activewear ranges! See some of the islanders top picks:

Rewired Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Rewired Workout Tee (Black)
Rewired Workout Shorts (Black)
Rewired Perform Tee (White)
Rewired Active Swim Shorts (Blue)