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Why we’re loving the Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Rewired Clothing

After the year and a bit we’ve just had, it’s pretty easy to want to get behind the national squads to win in order to help nurture some optimism back into our daily lives, even if it is in a sport we’ve had no prior interest in - a gold for team GB is a gold for us all, right?

After the rollercoaster of the Euro’s and it’s heartbreaking end, we’re pretty excited about what will take place during this year's Olympic games which are now taking place in Tokyo. Much like the Euro’s, this major sporting event has been delayed by a year, therefore Tokyo 2020, taking place in 2021 is set to be the biggest sporting event to take place for the last two years, and so far we’re loving it!

So, what events will Team GB be involved in this year? There’s already been a number of nail biting events and we’ve got athletes competing across the board, demonstrating the true sporting pedigree of our nation and the British people! Team GB are expected to smash it in classic Olympic events such as Badminton, Hockey, Gymnastics, Athletics, Boxing, Canoe Slalom, Diving, Sailing and Swimming. Let’s also not forget the more ‘out there’ sports which are taking place across this year's olympic games, including: Skateboarding, BMX, Mountain Biking, Shooting, Sport Climbing and even Artistic Swimming! 

The thing we really love about the Olympic games is the sheer demonstration of the athletic talent which is nurtured within Britain. Each game a handful of stars rise up through the ranks and really do show how they are at the very top of their game. It’s a chance to fall in love and experience new sports and of course, the Olympics provide endless days of entertainment. Yes, by the end of it we all think we’re professionals in Fencing and know everything about Rugby Sevens, but that’s part of the fun of it all, isn’t it? 

Good luck to the whole of Team GB during this year's games from the team here at Rewired Clothing, we’re right behind you!