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Missing Love Island USA Already? | Rewired Clothing

Yes, it’s finally October, in fact we’re pretty deep in October now, Halloween vibes are looming and though we probably can’t go out and celebrate this year in our favourite Halloween clobber, we can still enjoy the occasion at home, right?

October did sadly mean the end of the current season of Love Island USA, a new take on Love Island (a COVID-19 secure island, that wasn’t actually an island at all), and truth be told, here at Rewired we’re all starting to miss it a little.

It’s no secret that we’re massive fans of the Love Island series, in fact we even launched our range of men’s hats and caps on a season of UK Love Island (our real favourite of course) so we’re pretty miffed that once again, there’s no Love Island to be seen on our screens (unless like some of us, you binge it on catch up TV too!)

Love Island USA Season 2 Draws to Hot Conclusion

We were really gripped by this season, not only did the islanders steal our hearts, it also gave us a little sense of normality in the crazy world we’re currently facing. It’s so important that we all take the time to find a little normality in our lives at the moment. Yes of course, the ‘new normal’ for many isn’t so bad, but it doesn’t hurt to find a bit of escapism now and then does it?

On the topic of the new normal, have you bagged one of our Rewired Face Coverings yet?

Spoiler Alert! If you’ve not seen the conclusion of Love Island USA Season 2 and you don’t want to ruin it for yourself (though I’m not sure how you’ve gone this long without finding out who wins) then look away now.

The incredible Caleb and stunning Justine really stole the show this year, coming away as Love Island USA winners after coupling up on day 12 of the show. We could all see these two would get on like a house on fire and how right we were. They stole the hearts of the nation with their incredible looks and amazing personalities. You know when you see those couples you really want to be friends with? Yeah, that’s Caleb and Justine. Let’s hope things stay this way, and let’s hope our next Love Island fix comes round soon, we’re not too sure how much longer we can go without it!